We have an ongoing
commitment to this Research

We offer two distinct Awards along with Fellowships

Cancer Awards and Asthma Awards

Each year, the Picchi Brothers Foundation seeks out students/researchers/developers within the fields of cancer & asthma within Victoria.

These awards are non-binding and are their to assist in the career-building moments for the recipients.





You are free to use the Award for furthering your research studies in many ways.

One great way is to extend your contacts with overseas fellows:


  • Travel to Conferences
  • Visit overseas conferences to see what the rest of the world is researching
  • A leg-up for your global knowledge
  • Meet the world in which you research
  • Aid to careers in Medical Science
  • Adds power to your CV


  • Purchase state-of-the-art technology
  • Contribute to Patient Support
  • Aids to information and better comfort


  • Improve Simple living standards
  • Assistance for housing

Our recipients have had great stories to tell about their research being discussed with new-found colleagues from many nationalities, extending their contact lists and advancement in laboratory techniques and technology.

Recipients of Donations and Awards include:


Asthma Research projects

Asthma Foundation Victoria


Venture Grant Scheme

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research


Rare Cancers

Melbourne University


Various projects

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Council


A Helping Hand DVD production

 Cancer Council Victoria

 The “Picchi Brothers Prize”

Numerous recipients



Ms Doreen Akkerman AM

Director of Cancer Information and
Support Services and worked for Cancer Council
Victoria for over 20 years.

I have nothing but praise for the donations given by the Picchi Brothers to the helping of our patients at the Cancer Council. Their wonderful DVD was a generous production given out freely to all who wished for one.

Prof Andreas Strasser

Molecular Genetics of Cancer Division, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Cancer Council Victoria Research Grant 2013- 2015 RESEARCHER

We want to discover mechanisms that impose breaks on cancer development and expansion of malignant tumor cells in order to develop new therapies – thank you Picchi Brothers for your well needed support.




Sumone Chakravarti

VCCC PR and Media department

I am so thrilled that the Picchi Brothers has decided to support both awards! The prestige of the awards is growing fast in the scientific community, and it will be so exciting to see the awardees grow in their careers and continue to make an impact in cancer.



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Students and researchers in the fields of oncology and asthma may approach their heads of Departments for further information.

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