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Advisors and Experience

Advice from all facets of life

Value driven

Passionate individuals

Quality advice

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Professional assistance

Our Foundation relies on the invaluable support of volunteers, but occasionally, we require specialized assistance.

These exceptional businesses are ready to lend their expertise and resources to help the Foundation overcome the challenges of meeting our yearly requirements.

We encourage you to show your support by considering their services whenever possible. As seasoned professionals, they offer a wealth of knowledge and experience from diverse backgrounds, providing you with value-driven insights. Their unwavering passion and top-notch guidance will ensure your needs are met with excellence.


Lukaitis Lawyers



Offering services in general law, conveyancing,

Consulting & HR:

Osborne Walters Group


Consultants in HR  for Medical and associated businesses


David Penman & Co.




Trubiani & Co.


Graphic Design and Web:




Our services include web design, design for print, and corporate identity. Additionally, our talented team also creates a variety of fine/modern art works. 


Scott Group

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Students and researchers in the fields of oncology and asthma may approach their heads of Departments for further information.
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