of our philanthropy

Milestones of our contributions
to Asthma and Cancer research

Our contributions to research so far

The Picchi Brothers Foundation was founded in 1993, up until 2001 funds and activities were consolidated to form the basis of The Picchi Brothers Foundation’s philanthropic activities. We began our distributions to cancer and asthma research in 2002 with the distribution of $90,000 to the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.


The Picchi Prize

The Picchi Brothers Foundation awards each year its Prize for students, Researchers, practitioners and the like who show exemplary inroads into both Cancer and Asthma research. The Picchi Brothers VCCC Award for Excellence in Cancer Research was established to give those who follow the criteria in research, clinical studies and public health a hand-up to help them further with their research including marketing of the ideas along with meetings with peers, be it seminars, forums and international visitations. The prize is determined by Professors from participating research facilities who have a close eye on the developing areas.