The Picchi Brothers Foundation Inc.

We have an ongoing
commitment to this Research

The Foundation

The Picchi Brothers Foundation Inc. is led by an Honorary Board

We are advised by leading specialists in the field of Asthma and Cancer

And from such, we give Generous donations to further exciting developments in these two challenging fields of research.


The purposes for which the incorporated association is established are:

(a) to provide financial assistance and grants to selected persons for the purpose of Asthma and Cancer medical research in the State of Victoria.

(b) To accept and seek bequest and donations to be used expressly for the provision of such financial assistance and grants for asthma and cancer medical research in the State of Victoria.

(c) To maintain a current listing of researchers in the State of Victoria engaged in cancer and asthma medical research.

(d) To collect and collate information as to the needs of researches in the fields of cancer and asthma research in Victoria and to distribute such information to other appropriate organisations and associations.

(e) To disseminate the results and findings obtained by medical researchers in the fields of cancer and asthma research in Victoria.

Bequeathed by three brothers, the Picchis, Vittorio, Antonio and Pietro

Their founding will was dedicated to supporting ground-breaking research and advancements in cancer and asthma treatment in Victoria. The Picchi Brothers Foundation is at the forefront of this noble cause, collaborating with renowned experts and leading the charge towards finding a cure. With our esteemed Honorary Board and highly skilled specialists, we wholeheartedly contribute to the progress and breakthroughs in medical research. Alongside our unwavering commitment to enhancing lives, our dedication is to provide exceptional care and support for both Asthma and Cancer research. This is the unparalleled excellence of the Picchi Brothers Foundation.

Our Grants

We offer each year awards and stipends to categories in researching either Cancer developments or Asthma understanding. The awardees are chosen by scrupulous candidacy from those who are deeply invested in the communities of both Cancer and Asthma research.


Currently for 2023, we are offering three (3) Awards for excellence in research into any aspect of cancer. The Awards are of the value of $10,000 and are to be used in any way that the recipient deems necessary to aid in their research programmes.

Some have used the funds for travel to overseas seminars, whereas others have used them for local development, in equipment or needs to assist in their focus.

Contributions since Foundation


Currently, we are offering Research Fellows in asthma contributions to their ongoing studies. Details of the award(s) are being finalised for 2023.


Asthma research in Victoria


Asthma related product development


Health and Wellness from asthma in local communities


Asthma prevention in working Environments


Family Involvement/hereditary conditions

it provides me with a moment to reflect on a wonderful organisation: the Picchi Brothers Foundation and a lovely group of people who have made a genuine and meaningful impact on cancer and asthma research. Frankly, I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved and I look forward to our ongoing success and influence

Prof. Mark Rosenthal

Very little has been focussed on asthma yet it affects so many people. We are welcoming the contributions that the Picchi Brothers Foundation are offering to research into this increasing disease.

Prof. Jo Douglas

It took three gentlemen who had lost their off-spring to the cancers and asthmas to foster this bequeathment to research into their causes.

Joseph Lukaitis, RFD, AMD

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Students and researchers in the fields of oncology and asthma may approach their heads of Departments for further information.

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