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I saw the logo and immediately recognised the good news it would bring.

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Three simple triangles

Our Corporate Identity

The simplicity of the logo represents a few facets:

  • The three triangles that make up the Picchi Brothers Foundation’s logo are symbolic of the three brothers, all linked as in a chain and representative of re-cycle or re-birth.
  • The angled points are there to remind us of the sharp and vicious aspects of cancer and asthma.
  • The combination of the three triangles further creates a positive symbol of an arrowhead, if not three, pointing towards a possible positive solution and yet, always in a cyclical motion representing our ongoing commitment to aiding research.


There are many institutions and companies donating to the medical research fields and we are a fairly small player yet our brand is becoming stronger within the research field because of our strategic directions. Our logo is being recognised along with our name as a reliable font of investment.

Every little bit counts in the expensive world of research and we aim to foster development of future talent in making Victorians become leaders in their fields within the oncology and asthma treatment programmes.

Contact Us To Donate to our Philanthropy

Students and researchers in the fields of oncology and asthma may approach their heads of Departments for further information.

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