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Cancer and Asthma

We don’t offer a cure,

we help look for one

Lyn Parkin

CEO of the Picchi Brothers Foundation

“It gives me great pleasure to have been with the Picchi Brothers Foundation since its inception. For over thirty years, we have had the delight of handing over funds to assist in helping with cancer and asthma researchers, disseminators, data analysts, developers and others involved in that ongoing fight to understand the causes and cures of these debilitating and horrid diseases.

We trust that the Foundation which is growing slowly will continue to give to that community for a long time yet to come.”

The formal objectives of the Foundation are:

  • to provide financial assistance and grants for the purpose of Asthma and Cancer medical research in the State of Victoria
  • to accept and seek bequests and donations to be used expressly for the provision of such financial assistance and grants for asthma and cancer medical research in the State of Victoria
  • to maintain a current listing of researchers in the State of Victoria engaged in cancer and asthma medical research
  • to collect and collate information as to the needs of researchers in the fields of cancer and asthma research in Victoria and to distribute such information to other appropriate organisations and associations
  • to disseminate the results and findings obtained by medical researchers in the fields of cancer and asthma research in Victoria.



We Donate and Award to the Oncology and Asthma communities Yearly



Each year we vet candidates from Victorian universities then choose one or two who excel in their fields of Cancer research with our Annual Picchi Award for Research into Cancer.


A yearly Fellowship awarded to a Victorian graduate, post-graduate or researcher in cause or effect of Asthma.


Awarded to a Victorian researcher with a remarkable discovery towards a development in fields related to Cancer and Asthma.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About How You can Apply for one of our Grants/Awards.

Students and researchers in the fields of oncology and asthma may approach their heads of Departments for further information.

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