ABOUT USThe Foundation

Since 1993, The Picchi Brothers Foundation
has run completely on a volunteer basis.
We as custodians of the Foundation are
empowered to distribute funds raised
to projects involved in the research
and assistance into cancer
and asthma recovery.

Our BoardOur Board Members

As a charitable foundation, our Board Members serve on a voluntary basis. We have a strong cross-discipline of Board Members in a variety of fields who work together to achieve the Foundation's objectives:

Medicine Field

The charter requires a representative from both the Cancer and Asthma fields

Business acumen

Our board has a wide range of business and community experience

The First Board of Directors


OUR TEAMProviding targeted value for the Foundation's earnings

"it provides me with a moment to reflect on a wonderful organisation: the Picchi Brothers Foundation and a lovely group of people who have made a genuine and meaningful impact on cancer and asthma research. Frankly, I’m incredibly proud of what we have achieved and I look forward to our ongoing success and influence"

Professor Mark Rosenthal

Director, Medical Oncology,
The Royal Melbourne Hospital

Our Board Members

The Picchi Brothers Foundation is served by volunteers who are not rewarded for their efforts. Our Board consists of these fine people who give their time generously to this wonderful task.

The Current Foundation Board

Our current 2022 Board is:

Mr. Joseph Lukaitis AM RFD
Joseph is our Legal Advisor and was the lawyer who helped set up the Picchi Brothers Foundation with Pietro Picchi
Professor Jo Douglass

Professor Jo Douglass

Head of Department, Immunology & Allergy The Royal Melbourne Hospital
Jo leads in the world of asthma study and with her experience, our Foundation gains tremendous insight into the field of asthma
Professor Mark Rosenthal

Professor Mark Rosenthal

Director, Medical Oncology,
 The Royal Melbourne Hospital
Mark's experience with leading research teams in oncology gives us great guidance into the depth of research going on in our State
Ms. Lyn Parkin

Ms. Lyn Parkin

Executive Officer PBF
Lyn is our go-to for all Public Relations and liaison needs
Mr. Adrian Trubiani

Mr. Adrian Trubiani

Treasurer PBF
Adrian's ongoing contribution with the maddening world of finances has made our Foundation into the solid enterprise it now is
Ms. Bronwyn O'Brien

Ms. Bronwyn O'Brien

Board Member PBF
Bronwyn's real-world experience within the pharmaceutical business world brings a very sensible balance to the table
Mr. Simon Osborne

Mr. Simon Osborne

Board Member and Consultant PBF
Simon's expertise in Human Relations shines through with his enthusiasm and wonderful insight into all matters of delicacy
Mr. James and Mrs. Melanie Pierini

Mr. James and Mrs. Melanie Pierini

Family and Board Members PBF
As the Foundation requires a family connection, James and Melanie are our blood link to the Picchi family
Mr. Min Simankevicius

Mr. Min Simankevicius

Board Member and Consultant PBF
For a balance of science and arts, Min provides the humanitarian side of the Foundation


The Foundation’s First Board

By decree of the Foundation’s rules and regulations, the board of the Picchi Brothers must have at least the following representatives:

  • one person connected to the Picchi family,
  • two medical representatives nominated by the University of Melbourne
  • a legal representative
  • an accountant
  • and at least one consulting representative.

The Board has an option to co-opt other members to the Board at any time it feels necessary.

The Founding Board members were:

  • Mr Joseph Lukaitis
    Chairman elect
  • Mr Andrew Zilinskas
    Legal representative
  • Mr Glenn Scott
    Accountant representative
  • Professor Richard Fox AM
    Oncology, Melbourne University
  • Professor Peter Phelan
    Paediatrics, Melbourne University
  • Mr Robert Berger
  • Mr Pietro Picchi
    Co-Founder and family representative
  • Contributors & former Board members

    The Foundation has been blessed with on-going contributions from board members & co-opted members. We wish to acknowledge the following people for their past contributions:

    • Garry Hawking
    • Glenn Scott
    • Vicki Paulin
    • Monika Pakonski
    • Professor Terry Nolan
    • Professor Richard Fox AM
    • Andrew Zilinskas
    • Suzie Powell
    • Christine Damain

TESTIMONIALSWhat Our Recipients Say

"I have nothing but praise for the donations given by the Picchi Brothers to the helping of our patients at the Cancer Council. Their wonderful DVD was a generous production given out freely to all who wished for one."
Ms Doreen Akkerman AM
Director of Cancer Information and
Support Services and worked for Cancer Council
Victoria for over 20 years.

COMMENTARYRecipient of our support

"We want to discover mechanisms that impose breaks on cancer development and expansion of malignant tumor cells in order to develop new therapies"
How does anti-cancer therapy cure tumour cells?Prof Andreas Strasser, Molecular Genetics of Cancer Division, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
Cancer Council Victoria Research Grant 2013- 2015

TESTIMONIALSWhat Our Benefactors Say

“I am so thrilled that the Picchi Brothers has decided to support both awards! The prestige of the awards is growing fast in the scientific community, and it will be so exciting to see the awardees grow in their careers and continue to make an impact in cancer.”
Sumone Chakravarti
VCCC PR and Media department