A resource for providing information
to cancer patients, survivors, families and caregivers

A Large Project beginsThe Book then the DVD

Board Member Professor Richard Fox AM, brought in a VCR of some work he had developed after the release of his book on cancer. It was intended to help cancer patients with a little insight of what to expect from the process of having and treating cancers. A great start we thought, why not add to it and release it with the new technology of DVD.

The “Helping Hand” DVD

In 2002, the PBF invested over $300,000 to create a DVD which in the Board’s opinion would cover a need for cancer patients and their carers to access solid information about cancer and its many variations. The DVD was also planned to provide information from patients who had coped with diagnosis, treatment and living with cancer.

The DVD was produced under the technical guidance of Professor Richard Fox, AM. and overseen by the Cancer Council of Victoria.

A Helping Hand is a DVD resource designed to help people get the right information, when and where they want it and in their own time.

This DVD was available for distribution free of charge to all Victorians. Over 10,000 copies have been distributed. The New South Wales Cancer Council has also purchased 2,000 copies for distribution in NSW.

With cancer survival rates at an all time high, and with Australian clinical, diagnostics, healthcare and research teams that rank among the best in the world, this DVD shows people that there are many people ready to offer them “A Helping Hand”.


Employing multimedia co-ordinator Wayne Tindall to assist with the production of an extended version of the original concept, after 18 months, we had the completed DVD in hand.
After 12 months production time, the DVD was finally launched on Sep 28th, 2004 at the MCG. The launch was attended by over 150 people comprising Board members, supporters, medical personnel and participants in the DVD. MC'd by Graham (Smokey) Dawson, introduced our special guest, TV presenter Mia Grieves who was the host of our video introductions. The launch itself introduced some of the wonderful story-tellers from the DVD, some in remission, others still afflicted. Some short samples from the production can be found on our Youtube Channel.




  1. Sun-Herald article about our DVD
  2. Chairman Joseph Lukaitis with Suzie Powell (Board member PBF) and Executive Officer PBF Lyn Parkin 
  3. Cancer Council of Victoria’s David White with DVD Producer Wayne Tindale, Mia Grieves and Joseph Lukaitis
  4. The audience
  5. Some of wonderful story-tellers from our DVD