Cancer Council Venture Grants Scheme - 2015
The Cancer Council of Victoria

Recipient: Professor Andreas Strasser & team
Value: $150,000

“I am a cancer researcher trained in cell biology, immunology and molecular oncology. I have made major contributions to the discoveries that defects in cell death can cause cancer, autoimmune disease and impair the response of cancers to chemotherapy.

My current work aims to reach a detailed understanding of the molecules that control programmed cell death. My team is exploiting this knowledge to develop novel treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases that directly activate the cell death machinery.”
Dr Andreas Strasser

This is answering important questions about the regulation of apoptosis, how apoptosis regulation is disrupted during development of haematopoietic and epithelial tumours, and autoimmune disease; the contribution of impaired apoptosis to chemoresistance and how we can manipulate apoptosis for therapeutic benefit.

Our long-term ambition is to use this knowledge to develop new approaches to the treatment and prevention of cancer and autoimmune disease.

My group has been set up to encompass a very broad technology base, bringing together expertise in:
• In vivo biology
• Transgenic and gene targeting technology
• Molecular biology, lentiviral and shRNA vector production, Biochemistry
• Yeast genetics
• Monoclonal antibody production
• Immunology and haematology.

This allows us to tackle many important questions in cell death, molecular oncology and immunology and helped to establish our group at the forefront in our area of research.”