Our Carers

The Picchi Brothers Foundation is served by volunteers who are not rewarded for their efforts. Our Board consists of these fine people who give their time generously to this wonderful task.

The Current Foundation Board

Our current 2015 Board is:

Professor Jo Douglass

Head of Department, Royal Melbourne Immunology & Allergy The Royal Melbourne Hospital

Professor Mark Rosenthal

Director, Medical Oncology,
The Royal Melbourne Hospital

Mr Joseph Lukaitis


Mrs Lyn Parkin

Executive Officer

Bronwyn O'Brien

Seconded Board member

Mr Adrian Trubiani


Mr James & Mrs Melanie Pierini

Family representatives

Mr Simon Osborne


Mr Min Simankevicius



The Foundation’s First Board

By decree of the Foundation’s rules and regulations, the board of the Picchi Brothers must have at least the following representatives:

  • one relative of the Picchi brothers’ family,
  • a representative from the cancer scientific community
  • a legal representative
  • an accountant
  • and at least one consulting representative.

The Board has an option to co-opt other members to the Board at any time it feels necessary.

The Founding Board members were:

  • Mr Joseph Lukaitis
    Chairman elect
  • Mr Andrew Zilinskas
    Legal representative
  • Mr Glenn Scott
    Accountant representative
  • Professor Richard Fox AM
    Oncology, Melbourne University
  • Professor Peter Phelan
    Paediatrics, Melbourne University
  • Mr Robert Berger
  • Mr Pietro Picchi
    Co-Founder and family representative

Contributors & former Board members

The Foundation has been blessed with on-going contributions from board members & co-opted members. We wish to acknowledge the following people for their past contributions:

  • Garry Hawking
  • Glenn Scott
  • Vicki Paulin
  • Monika Pakonski
  • Professor Terry Nolan
  • Professor Richard Fox
  • Andrew Zilinskas
  • Suzie Powell
  • Christine Damain
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