About The Picchi Brothers Foundation

For 20 years The Picchi Brothers Foundation have run completely on a volunteer basis and all funds raised are distributed to projects involved in the research and assistance into cancer and asthma recovery.

Our charter


"People often ask us what does the Picchi Brothers Foundation do, and how did it all start. Rather than providing a formal report, we have produced a little booklet for the Foundation, with the intention of adding to it as time goes on.

We are committed to serving and fostering research into Cancer and Asthma in Victoria and this work is ongoing.

We hope that this web site explains our efforts and our achievements."

Lyn Parkin
Executive Officer

Picchi Brothers Foundation.

The formal objectives of the Foundation are:

  • to provide financial assistance and grants for the purpose of Asthma and Cancer medical research in the State of Victoria
  • to accept and seek bequests and donations to be used expressly for the provision of such financial assistance and grants for asthma and cancer medical research in the State of Victoria
  • to maintain a current listing of researchers in the State of Victoria engaged in cancer and asthma medical research
  • to collect and collate information as to the needs of researchers in the fields of cancer and asthma research in Victoria and to distribute such information to other appropriate organisations and associations
  • to disseminate the results and findings obtained by medical researchers in the fields of cancer and asthma research in Victoria.

Our Logo

The Picchi Brothers Logo

The symbol for the Picchi Brothers Foundation

The three simple triangles that make up the Picchi Brothers Foundation’s logo are symbolic of the three brothers, all linked as in a chain and representative of re-cycle or re-birth. The angled points are there to remind us of the sharp and vicious aspects of both cancer and asthma.

The combination of the three triangles further creates a positive symbol of an arrowhead, if not three, pointing upwards towards a possible positive solution.

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